Conference Art and Tolerance

In the middle of summer, in the heart of West Pomerania, Teatr Brama will host the first conference about Social Community Theatre ever in Poland. Our wish is to share Teatr Brama's experience as a partner in the Caravan Next project- and network with colleagues, friends and other interested persons in Poland. And Above all, this conference will be a meeting of artists and the national, regional and cultural media across Poland.
The conference aims on clarifying why engaging spectators in artistic and creative processes and organisation of cultural events is essential for building strong and modern communities. Teatr Brama will share examples from their own Caravan Next Events and the highlight of the day will be the presentation of the idea, program, events and guests of the upcoming Caravan Next event – Human Mosaic Festival. Furthermore, the theory and methodology behind Social Community Theatre will be presented to the public.


This Conference is one out of 10 international conferences in the frame of Caravan Next.

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Organiser: Teatr Brama