Teatr Brama

Teatr Brama: revolutionizing the relationship between audience and theatre by utilizing performance to create a participatory meeting, not a spectator activity. The Teatr Brama ensemble is a diverse group dedicated to a common artistic goal, realized by researching the heights and depths of emotion, recalling heritage and reacting to the reality of life. As a cultural and educational association, Teatr Brama utilizes non-formal and informal educational methods to empower people to use art to improve their lives and their world.
Teatr Brama hosts theater festivals and travels to perform and offer workshops in many theater festivals every year. The theatre is a part of an ever-growing international artistic network that brings people together to create quality artistic performances and actions in communities in Poland and abroad.

photo: Oleh Nesterov


Teatr Brama
ul. Zielona Droga 9
72-100 Goleniow

T +48 5333 11214
M teatrbramainfo@gmail.com

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