OMMA Studio Theater

OMMA proposes new theatrical codes to the spectators and explores how the theatre can operate in today’s world. It is searching and testing the acceptable principles of theatre. What is theatre? What does it mean for an actor to “play”? How does Space and Time influence the function of the performance?
OMMA calls the way they do theatre for “space theatre”, because they are trying to “change” space and time with their presence. They try to achieve this by applying specific principles based on physical actions. OMMA makes street theatre and perform in non-theatrical spaces, in old storehouses, abandoned buildings, old schools, in Greece and abroad. The Studio frequently participates in theatrical festival all over the world and has twice been rewarded (in Vologda, Russia, festival “Voices of History” – in Tehran, Iran, “Fadjir Festival”).


OMMA Studio Theater
Heraklion, Crete

T +30 2810 26 3659
T +30 6945 89 8204
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