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The Social Community Theatre Centre (University of Turin) is the first university to work scientifically with Social Community Theatre methodology. Furthermore they are a well known and acknowledged a practitioner in the field as well. SCT Centre is part of Humanistic Studies Department, University of Torino, Italy. The centre carries out artistic projects of cultural innovation and social impact, activities of interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial scientific research, training and capacity building and supervision through Social Community Theatre methodology.
SCT sees diversity as a resource in terms of creativity and wellbeing, both for individuals and communities. They consider the experience of human beings’ diversity as a combination of physical, emotional and cognitive experiences in a constant relationship with other people and in environment and culture. In SCT’s approach the activities of theatre training and the artistic process itself represent a highly educational, cultural and social experience of empowerment and integration.


Università degli Studi di Torino
SCT Centre
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Turin, Italy

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